First Comes Marriage, Then Comes….Puppy?

Spoiler. If you do not plan on getting a pet in your life I’m going to stop you right here. This post is not for you. If a pet is something you can see happening in the future read on.

Everyone know the rhyme; first comes love then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. Sounds like a plan right? Well maybe not. Now I know there are some couples out there that are ready and plan to start baby making right away. Others maybe not so much. I am somewhere in the middle. I married a man that has two daughters from a previous relationship who I adore. The catch, they are only with us 10% of the time. The other 90% it’s just the two of us. While we are parents and do our best to support our girls long distance in our day to day lives we are very much like a couple with no kids.

We both wanted to make sure we were ready for a new baby and the responsibility that comes with. Meaning goodbye social life for awhile. One morning I decided to look at my local shelter’s website and within in 2 minutes I’d fallen in love. I realized the best way to prepare for a potential child is this cute little face staring back at me.

We talked it over and a week later this little man came bunny hopping into our lives. Puppies and babies are similar in the fact that they need almost the same amount of care; puppies I think learn a little faster (sometimes).

For 3 weeks we experienced no sleep. Fact puppies do wake up every couple hours to go potty or just because they feel like it. They find all the dangerous things at their eye level making you rethink where you’re putting stuff. Ex: leaving a flat iron cord down where puppy can pull down. Seems like a no brainer to remove the cord however when you’ve lived alone or with another adult for the past 8 years it slips your mind. We put puppy on a schedule and learned the famous phrase “your turn.”

Now that puppy is fully house trained. I’ve come to realize it was the best decision we’ve ever made. Essentially we had a practice run on a smaller scale. As a team we worked out who does what and when and learned to work together in order to raise this handsome fella here.

Moving forward in our marriage we have discussed bringing a new person into the world, and can do so confidently knowing we have successfully incorporated another living thing into our lives and we feel good about it. Don’t get it confused I understand a puppy and a baby are two very different things. I also know as someone who was completely independent from the time I graduated high school until recently where I had to change my life outlook from “me” to “we”, adding a dog makes me believe even more that I am ready to move forward and chosen the best partner for myself to do so.

I also added an excellent morning snuggles and who can resist that?! 😉

What are your thoughts? Would you get a dog before baby, or would you prefer after a baby? Xo Nicole

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