Valentine’s Day 2018

Valentines Day.  A holiday you either love or hate. Growing up, Valentines Day was always something I looked forward to.  My mom would order a heart shaped pizza for dinner, which hello who doesn’t like pizza especially one shaped like a pizza?!  My Grandma would make my siblings and I giant heart shaped cookies that were personalized.  I am not typically the most romantic person out there so missing the giant teddy bear or a extra loving card never bothered me. This year will be my first Valentines Day as a married lady. Now that I am married it’s officially time to explore the more romantic side of the holiday. Living in a small town unfortunately you don’t have a large selection of fancy restaurant choices, and the service is not the best to spend $$$ amount of money.  Both my husband and I have full schedules so coming home and cooking a gourmet meal is not ideal. We are both a little cheesy so I decided to go for the super cute heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Technically I am still baking it so it does still count as me cooking? With some simple touches around the house we are going to create an intimate night at home.  

During the day I plan on keeping my outfit relatively simple.  I am obsessed with Ivory Ella themed holiday shirts. Click here to check out this years shirt! Valentines day is not complete without red lips and a fun Smokey eye along with a flirty braid to the side.

Usually we don’t exchange gifts, however I did come home to this super sweet gift. 😍 I even shared the candy he gave me.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year? xo Nicole

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