My Favorite Self Tanner & How to Apply.

It’s FINALLY starting to feel like Spring here in the Midwest.  As I bring out all my new exciting Spring clothing it has been increasingly obvious how pale I have become. Naturally I have super pale skin but I LOVE being tan.  Growing up I cheered and danced so girls around me were tanning at a young age, and peer pressure made me want to as well.  Thank god my mother never gave in and let me join them.  In my quest to fit in with the other girls I was constantly trying any new brands of self tanner and I could get my hands on.  Unfortunately this meant I was orange for at least 3 years of my teenage life;  Oof.  With age comes wisdom and I have a pretty solid self tanning routine that leaves me sun kissed and feeling amazing.

For the last two years I have used the company Million Dollar Tan as my go to for glowing skin. They have everything from lotions to mousses, gradual and instant tanners, plus accessories and boosters.  I personally LOVE their Summer Sun mousse.  I have never once turned orange while using this.  Not only does this company provide awesome color they are also,

  • Cruelty Free
  • Doesn’t have the typical self tanner smell
  • Has no parabens or fillers
  • Organic
  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • Gentle on the skin

The last one is huge for me as someone who has sensitive skin, it’s been amazing to not have to worry about my body breaking out in rashes just to look good.  Granted MDT is not as cheap as the brands you will find in the store.  However compared to many other higher end brands they are relatively inexpensive.  Prices range $20.00-$42.00 for single bottles.


  1. Shower, shave, and exfoliate.   Self tanner can make you look great however by exfoliating it will make the skin look healthier and your tan will last longer.
  2. Be sure your skin is completely dry.  If you apply the tanner while your skin is still wet you are asking for streaks.
  3. Don’t use your hands.  When you order from MDT you have the ability to purchase a tanning mitt.  This was a game changer for me.  I used to apply with my hands but it never failed I’d have weird marks on my fingers/hands that made it a dead giveaway I self tanned.  The MDT mitt is super soft and helps to spread the mousse around giving me an even tan in no time flat.
  4. Let it dry before getting dressed.  This will help prevent the staining of clothes.
  5. Face or no face? I personally do not tan my face every time I self tan.  I do make sure to get my entire neck but I try not to overwhelm my skin by putting tanners, moisturizers and make up on it all the time.

I do the steps above 2-3 times/week depending what I have going on.  Another bonus for me is when the tan does start to fade it doesn’t end up blotchy and patchy which is a common complaint.  So the next question is how do I maintain the tan.

Maintaining Your Tan

  1. Moisturize!
  2. Don’t rub skin while drying off. This can be a little more time consuming, but if you want the tan to last pat dry.
  3. Don’t shower with super hot water.  This one is hard for me because I loooooove hot water!

My Favorite Accessories

  1. Tanning Mitt
  2. Shade Upgrade.  Instead of buying 20 different shades of foundation add this product to your normal foundation and it will instantly match!
  3. All That Shimmers, Dry Oil.  Seriously amazing add this on top of your tan for an additional glow during special occasions.


Want to check Million Dollar Tan out?  Click here!

xo Nicole

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