New Hair Who Dis?

Now that Spring is here I am ready for change.  I have cleaned out my closet of items I no longer wear.  My house has been organized and I have plans for what I am wanting to do on the outside to make it fabulous.  As together as my life is right now I was still feeling like I was missing something.  One morning while getting ready I finally could put my finger on what I needed.  A new hair cut.

For the longest time I have done my own hair.   I also have a really bad habit of picking at my split ends.  Between the two the damage is real.  Typically when I do my own hair I would use a highlight kit that I have used since I was in 7th grade.  I really enjoy taking the time to do my own hair and overall the process is easy, but for me personally it’s time consuming.  I have extremely thick hair that gets stuck in the pull through cap and takes an hour just to pull hair through.  After the last time I did my hair I have finally come to the conclusion I do not want to take the time to do this on my own any longer.

Check out my before and after

Do you do hair at home? xo Nicole

Click here– Clariol Frost and Tip Highlight Kit (Can be purchased at most shopping centers.)

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