Valentine’s Gifts for Him

If you haven’t been paying attention Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Here are perfect ideas to get your honey on the day of love.

Duluth Buck Naked Underwear

My husband adores these briefs.  They come in several patterns and are comfy to even the most picky person.  Why not switch the roles around and buy him underwear?

Men's Buck Naked Pattern Short Boxer Briefs

Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds

If your partner is a light sleeper these will work wonders.  The buds comfortably  fit in your ear and stay put all night.  Download an app on your phone and select a sound that relaxes you.  It’s seriously that easy.

Ugg Men’s Slippers

Perfect for bum days. Your man can look put together but still looks put together if you need to run errands.

Style Subscription Box

Not all men have that go to fashion sense.  Having a box that shows up at your door with fantastic items already in there will make both your lives so much easier.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas that are guaranteed to help make your day extra special.  xo Nicole

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