Sephora Play- Subscription Box

After having a baby I made the decision I did not want to lose the things I did for myself before.  Getting out of the house is no easy task now a days, so online shopping is my main staple now.   While browsing Sephora’s site I came across a subscription box that sends you samples of the hottest products for you to try every month.

For $10/month you get  samples.  As a part of your subscription you get 5 personalized trial sized samples a code to redeem 50 bonus insider points; a huge plus if you are a Sephora regular; and a video to show you how to use the products you receive and go over the benefits.  To get started is easy simply go to Sephora’s website  and fill out your beauty profile. Sephora will send you products based off your beauty profile so not every box is the same.  The best part of the whole thing?  It’s only $10/month.  I will add they have 3 different levels of boxes.  For now I am testing out the basic box.  You get billed the first week of the month and your box gets to you by the 3rd week.  I have received February’s box and cannot wait to review! xo Nicole

PLAY! by SEPHORA - PLAY! by SEPHORA Monthly Subscription Box






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