Sephora Play-February Box Review

February has finally come to a close which means Spring is well on it’s way and can I just say, it needs to get here a little faster.   In the meantime to battle the Winter blues I have been treating myself to a little extra TLC with my products from my February Sephora Play Subscription box.  If you missed my last post, about a month ago I stumbled upon a new subscription box that gives you personalized sample products for only $10/month.


In theme with Valentine’s Day this month’s box was Lovestruck Beauty.  I’d say for my first box I was overall impressed I had a few things I didn’t think I was going to like that I actually turned out loving.



  1. Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume– I typically don’t wear a ton of perfume, I stick to my all time favorite Bath and Body Works lotion as my day to day scent. I do like to have a more sophisticated scent for special events.  For these events I use the roller stick of Marc Jacobs Dot. Daisy is very similar and honestly it was fun to switch it up and have a romantic smell as opposed to my standard fruitiness. I give it a 10/10.
  2. Bite lipstick in shade Maple- I will honestly say I was reluctant to try this lipstick.  When I first opened it the shade looked like something I would not pick out on my own and it smells like Lip Smackers Coca Cola chapstick; I stuck to the fruity and bubble gum scents I am not into the chocolate and pop scents; I was determined to use everything in this box so I went for it and ended up liking it more than I thought I would.  I was planning on it being more of a brown color, yet it turned out to be a pretty red color.  It went on creamy and didn’t easily smudge and is nicely pigmented so you don’t need a ton to make it look good.  The picture below was after drinking my coffee so it is a lasting color as well and lets be honest when it comes to reds if you can find a lipstick that doesn’t easily fade it’s a keeper.  I give it a 7/10.IMG_2787
  3. Clinque quickliner for Eyes intense in 09 Intense Ebony- Pictured above, again not something I would choose on my own.  I like more of the liquid eyeliners I find that they are easier to work with however I was pleasantly surprised once again with this pick.  It is more of a crayon liner which is something I can never get to look good no matter how hard I try, so before I applied it I was prepping myself for it to go totally wrong and have to fix my whole face.  As I was applying it I was cheerful that it went on smoothly and looked good on the first try.  I give it 9/10
  4. Wander Beauty Eye Masks- These were such a let down! Upon opening these up the serum leaked out all over the place getting all on the counter. Once I cleaned up the mess I proceeded to place them under my eyes. There was so much product on them the masks were literally running down my face and would not stay in place unless I held them there. I give this product 5/10 purely because they made you fancy while wearing them. Besides the actual look of them, I was not impressed.
  5. Fresh Vitamin Nectar Moisture Glow Face Cream-I personally did not have any feelings good or bad towards this product.  I love trying new moisturizers, I find my skin adapts to whatever I am using if I use it too long and it does not let me glow the way I know I should.  The packaging states it has a citrus scent.  When I think of citrus I think of oranges, lemons, limes you know fruity stuff??  This is a weird combo scent of all three my brain is honestly confused.  The smell isn’t bad but not great either.  When applying it feels heavy I was worried and thought my skin was going to be oily and I’d need to pull out the blotting paper.  To my surprise it does not make me oily, it actually feels quite light after its rubbed in.  I give this moisturizer 7/10.

Not only did I receive the products above but included with my subscription I get 50 extra Beauty Insider Points to use on my next purchase.  This month I decided to go with the Drybar’s Bay Breeze Hydrating shots; Much needed with this cold dry Winter weather; I also added in The Drybar High Tops Rollers for that extra volume that everyone needs in their lives.

Overall I am satisfied with this box and my March box is on the way with some awesome looking items perfect for spring break/summer! Are you interested in trying out this subscription? XO Nicole

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