Drybar-Bay Breeze and High Rollers Review

I love the Drybar any time I get the oppurtunity to  get a blow out from them I fully take advantage.  Unfortunately we do not have one in my State so I have to settle for buying their products to recreate the looks.  With my Sephora Play! subscription I used my 50 extra points and purchased the Bay Breeze Hydration Shots and the High Rollers.



Drybar - Bay Breeze Hydrating Shots 4 x 0.5 oz/ 4 x 15 mL
Click Here to Purchase

This is a treatment product not something you use every day.  The directions state to use a shot after shampooing once a week.  The packaging is cute they don’t lie when they say they are shots.  The picture above is literally the size of one.  They only provide one spray top for all 4 bottles; This isn’t the end of the world to me just rinse the top out after each use; When I first opened the bottle the product looked SO thick.  Honestly I had no idea how it was going to spray on without getting clogged.  The smell is fantastic.  Seriously I love Drybar’s scent it has that hint of a masculine smell that is just WOW!

I hopped in the shower like normal shampooed my hair and washed my face.  The directions on the. bottle is to squeeze excess water out of your hair before spraying the shot in your hair.  After you spray it on your entire head section by section massage it into your scalp, leave in for 3-5 mins and rinse.  Surprisingly the product came out with ease I did not have to force anything.  Once I started to hit the end I took the top off and tapped the bottle on my hand to get the remaining product out and massaged it in.  For as thick as it looks it’s incredibly light and easy to work through your hair.  I finished my shower and turned the water to cool to rinse.  I noticed an immediate softness to my hair once I felt I got everything out I turned the water to cold to seal my hair.

I have done this as directed and honestly my hair feels amazing and strong, the flyaways have reduced dramatically, and lets be honest after the harsh Winter we’ve all had it’s nice to treat yourself.  Out of 10 I give this a 9.  It does leave your head hydrated and hair soft.  The downside if you really want to say that is the price.  One box is $38 which really     for a treatment I don’t think is horrible.


As for the rollers.  These are very basic.  The box says self hold but I did not have the best luck.  Maybe I had too much hair in them or didn’t secure them properly; If you go onto the Drybar’s website does have how to videos; I secured them with bobby pins and let them sit.  The rollers did provide nice height but didn’t last more than an hour.  I contribute this to my hair thickness.  For $10 I don’t think it was a bad purchase and on second day hair I do use them to make it look like I put more than I did into my hair.


Have you ever been to the Drybar?  XO Nicole

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