March Sephora PLAY! Box Review

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of this cold weather.  Luckily my March PLAY! box helped get me through this last dull month.  What came in this month’s Beauty in Bloom box?

Makeup Forever-Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation -Shade Y245

I struggle parting with my all time favorite foundation (True Match) yet I was not disappointed in this.  This is a medium coverage foundation that hydrates and evens out your complexion.  It feels very light and doesn’t look caked up on my face.  I will say this shade looked slighlty yellow on my skin which wasn’t the end of the world.  I have a self tanning make up adjuster that I mixed in with the foundation and it came out perfect.  I would give this a 7/10

Sephora Collection-LashCraft Big Volume Mascara

I legit have no eyelashes.  I have tried thousands of different brands I’ve never had anything that gives me those amazing WOW lashes.  9/10 times I am wearing falsies.  I enjoy getting mascara because the smell of new mascara is amazing, and I don’t have to worry about buying new ones every 3 months! I give it 6/10

NARS-Bronzing Powder- Shade Laguna

I ALWAYS wear bronzer.  Lucky for me I have matured my make up application and I no longer wear it all over my face.  (Hellooooo Ompa Lumpa). This is a staple in my everyday routine.  This bronzer is perfect for days when I want to go slightly more natural.  It’s matte and gives just enough color for a quick on the go look.  The best part about having the sample is I can throw it in my bag and touch up as needed.  I give it 10/10

IT Cosmetics-Confidence in a Cleanser Skin Transforming Hydrating Cleanser Serum

To test the moisturizing side I have not been using any moisturizer in the morning and just going with this.  I’d say my skin is soft but it would work better with an actual moisturizer as well.  One negative I’ve had is after I pat dry my skin does feel somewhat sticky, once I apply my primer it does go away.  I give it 6/10.

Amika- Perk Up Dry Shampoo

I am one that when I really like something I tend to not stray often.  Before I picked my go to dry shampoo I tried too many not great dry shampoos.  I have had some that actually make my hair oily, flakey and smell bad.  So when I opened the box to see this my first thought was a big oh no!  I manned up and told myself we will be testing this out today.  I was pleasantly surprised about how great this product is.  The smell it fantastic, goes on clear and really “Perks” up my hair.  I actually liked it so much I plan on bringing it with me on vacation at the end of this month.  I give it 10/10

Replica- By the Fireplace

I will be very honest, not a fan.  It is very similar to Kat Von D’s Sinner perfume, but a knock off at the same time?  I give it 1/10.


Next Month’s hint shows the box will be themed around mascara and I am so pumped!  Have you subscribed yet? XO Nicole

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