Glam Party Prep

Who doesn’t love getting dolled up and ready to party the night away?  Some days I love the thought of having a glam squad coming over and making me drop dead gorgeous, but I honestly enjoy doing my own glam and I like to think I’m half way decent at it.  Here are my steps to look gorg.

The Night Before


This is pretty self explanatory.  To make my life easier and not take 100 hours getting ready I will do this the night before my event.  I have too much hair to dry to start from scratch on the day of.  I’m sure to shave, exfoliate, everything that can be done is done.

Self Tan

I’m most confident when I am tan.  To me there is nothing better than that fresh off the beach look.  For years I have used Million Dollar Tan, but recently I’ve heard all the buzz about Bondi Sands and I am absolutely LOVING it, and will do a review soon!

The Day Of



You want to glow so help your skin (and new tan) look amazing and slather your bod with a heavy moisturizer.

Pre Glam Sheet Mask

Again moisturize.  I apply my mask before anything goes on my face I want to look my best so any extra help I can get I will do.  **Bonus throw your mask in the fridge for a cooling effect it makes a difference!**


Brush those Pearly Whites

Hydrate Those Lips

Pick a Look

Decide what look you are wanting to go for.  It’s all about how you are feeling.  One of my best assets are my lips so I tend to go with a bronze glowy face, nude eyes, (with lashes of course!) and a bold lip.  for this look I was thinking purple is where it’s at.  While applying make up I multitask and style my hair as well.

Get dressed

Know the dress code for the party you are attending!  Google it if you aren’t sure! At a cocktail party you can never go wrong with the classic LBD. If you are feeling adventurous go for some color.  I choose to wear this adorable piece from Express.

Finish the look

At this point I make sure everything looks on point.   I add accessories, shoes, lipstick, and hairspray.  For an extra coating of glam I like to put on my Million Dollar Tan Dry Oil Shimmer  It gives you that extra bit of color and sparkle and keeps you shinning on all night long.

Pictures or it didn’t happen


Are you about the glam? Or more Netflix and chill? XO Nicole

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