Easy Green Chile Chicken Burritos

I have 2 incredibly picky eaters on my hands when my step daughters come to stay with us.  I am a very no nonsense, whatever is on the plate is being eaten and in a timely manner.  However I do try to find recipes that make mealtime a little less painful all around.  Here is a super simple delicious recipe for you to make for your family.

*1 lb chicken breast

*1/2 cup of sour cream

* 1 Small can-Cream of Chicken

*Salt and pepper to taste

*1/4 tsp white ground pepper

*1/4 tsp dried cilantro leaves (Fresh cilantro would work also!)

*1 big can of green chile


*1 bag of Mexican shredded cheese



Bake and Shred the Chicken

Bake your chicken at 400 for 30 minutes or until cooked through the middle.  One trick I use to keep my chicken moist is to have it be somewhat frozen when put in the oven.  I swear it saves you from dry chicken.  Once cooked all the way the way through shred the chicken.  I just use forks to pull apart.


Mix Ingredients

Once all the chicken is shredded up you will mix the sour cream, cream of chicken and 1/4 cup of the green chili. Proceed to mix in your seasonings adding more if necessary.


Roll Your Burritos

Pretty self explanatory take a little bit of the chicken mixture into the tortilla of your choice and roll into a burrito.

Prep the Pan

At this point your burritos are pretty much done.  We just need to do the final baking of the dish.  At the bottom of your dish pour in 1/2 the green chile.  Place your burritos in the pan and pour the remaining amount of the green chile sauce over the burritos.  Top with the shredded cheese (Use what makes your household happy.  Mine happens to be cheese freaks)


Bake One More Time!

Place your burritos in the oven at 350 for 20 mins or until the tortillas are slightly crispy.



I like to serve with a small dollop of sour cream on the top maybe a Margarita on the side 😉


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