Testing It Out-Kylie Skin Summer Collection

In case you are living under a rock you would know Kylie Jenner launched Kylie Skin.  I have purchased many lip kits and eye shadow palettes from her cosmetics line so when I saw she was producing body products it caught me eye.  What made me hesitate was all the negative press leading up to the release of her face products, so I decided not to purchase.  Fast forward and she came out with her new Summer collection. (I mean the adds were hard to look away from.  Surgery or not the girl’s got it going on ok?). 

This line has 3 different products that claims to keep your skin smooth, soft and safe.  The collection includes a body scrub, lotion, and oil, all coconut scented because it’s Summer duh.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 12.39.39 PM.png
Click Here to get the bundle

I was not super turned on by the oil to me that says messy and with the collection being so new I said lets wait until we hear more.  I did purchase the Scrub and lotion.  The shipping notifications were not the best compared to when I’ve ordered makeup.  The confirmation came through but when it shipped did not, so that was slightly frustrating.  Nonetheless I did receive my package about a week after ordering.

Scrub & Body Bundle $50- Sold out

First impressions.  LOVE the pink box.  Who doesn’t like getting a cute pink box?  My second impression was the size of the bottles.  Now a days you will spend a pretty penny on something and you get a product that lasts a week and then you have to buy more.   Not the case with these.  I was pleasantly surprised that I could use these like a normal person without having to use rations.  Second was the smell.  It’s hot here people so they were nice and toasty when I pulled them out of my mail box.  (Nothing Spilled/leaked though so bonus points!).  The coconut was so good.  To me it was a cross of vanilla and coconut that didn’t overwhelm me.

The same day I got it I obviously had to test it.  The scrub was not what I expected.  It’s very clean and looks like it has real products like the site claims.  When in the shower it did not feel like a scrub I’ve ever used before.  On top of the fantastic smell it actually scrubbed and cleansed my skin.  As I continued to lather the scrub turned into a really nice foam and didn’t leave that gritty feeling behind.  That’s a huge bonus I have tried several scrubs that leave behind the grit and myself feeling dirty.  And you have to wash the shower out after otherwise you’re going to have stuck on product everywhere. Once out of the shower I dried off and my skin really was SO soft.mwnTaTZKSGqzoxC%OtPQAA

After showering I continued on with my usual routine and went to test the lotion.  Again the smell was awesome.  This is definitely a lighter lotion which made me worry it was going to be oily when I put it on.  Low and behold I applied this and it sunk into my skin immediately and I really believe it sealed the softness with a kiss.


I was feeling myself all night even my husband who despises lotion was impressed.  If you were on the fence this is your sign to try these products.  I am kind of sad I didn’t order the body oil, however I’d be sad if I ordered it and hated the whole thing.  Even though August is basically the start of fall for me, I will gladly continue to smell like a coconut until I run out.  Who knows she hopefully has a fun fall collection coming my way?!?

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