Disney Series- Planning – The Basic Need to Know

Next lets talk tickets. Disney runs a program where the more days you come to play, the less your ticket is per day.

These prices represent a base ticket. A base ticket includes admission to any one of the main 4 parks per day. So if you choose Epcot that’s the only park you can enter that day. If that’s not your style the good new is you can upgrade you tickets with two options. The Park Hopper or the Water park +. I recommend going with the Park Hopper mostly because I enjoy being able to have some freedom in my plans and the Hopper helps a girl out.

Side note: If you have a child under 3 by the time you travel to the park. They DO NOT need a ticket.

We are coming to an end of the basics things you need to know in order to successfully plan your Disney vacation. To finish off for today let’s chat about Disney Dining Plans. I am indifferent when it comes to the dining plans. When booking if they are having the free dining included when you book I will add. But I personally do not eat as much as they give you which means credits (aka $$$) goes to waste.

Basically everyday of your vacation you get a certain amount of snack, quick service, and dining credits depending on the plan you choose. In my opinion if you are a foodie or someone that eats 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks this plan is for you. Otherwise I say unless it’s part of a deal I’d skip it. If you do choose to go with a dining plan it has to be added to everyone in your party or nobody. Again know your party and evaluate your needs to make the best decision.

These are all the basic steps in creating your Disney vacation. By sitting down and talking about all of these with your partner or members of your partner you can easily put together a magical vacation you won’t forget.

I will be continuing the Disney series Click here to check out the original post. I will be updating it to easily find information within the mix of my other posts.

Do you have any questions about planning your Disney vacations? Maybe some tips not included here? Leave a comment and let me know!

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