threadUP Review

If you have recently been anywhere on social media, you may have heard of a website called threadUP. This website is basically a consignment store for lightly used clothing. I was pretty skeptical to be honest. I have been to actual stores like this that and I have not had the best luck or really all that impressed. That aside I told myself we were going to find out what the hubbub was all about.

In the next few months we are headed to Nashville for my husband to accept an achievement award. For this everyone gets dressed in cocktail attire and the whole night is one big party. This year we have decided to bring all the kids. My older two don’t have cocktail attire so I figured this was the perfect time to use threadUP.

When I go to the website it overall looks very nice. They have a long list of brands that you can select from. Everything from Free People, Michael Kors, NorthFace and Lululemon. One thing I will note is there is not a Men’s section but they do have little boy options. Upon looking they do have what seems like inclusive offerings; Petite, Plus size, Maternity, and Tall; At this point we were off to a good start. Because I was looking for something pretty specific and on a time crunch I did not do a ton of looking around. I stuck with what I was looking for. Searching for the perfect outfits was incredibly easy. You can narrow your search down to the exact occasion you are looking for which was SO helpful. I found 2 dresses that I found as age appropriate and shoes to match. To get the free shipping I added on a pair of shorts for myself. For 2 dresses 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of shorts I paid $70.

In total I saved a whopping $244 through threadUP. That in itself is a huge win especially when the girls are only going to where this one time. Potentially a few but they’re not really at the ages where they have a lot of things to dress up for so the fact that I got such a good deal on these makes me even happier.

The moment of truth was coming for such a great deal how are they going to turn out? Luckily when the box was put at my steps I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box.

I loved everything about both outfits. They came in excellent shape and well worth the price. I am obsessed with how they turned out. Now when it came to the shorts I ordered a 12 and they came as a child’s 12 not an adult. Luckily it still wasn’t a waste I was able to give them to one of the girls but if they were something I was banking on I would be pretty bummed.

Overall I was super happy with the results of my order and will be ordering from threadUP again. Another feature I really liked from this website is you can send your clothes that you’re cleaning out of your closet and send to them. I have not done this yet but it is something I will be looking into in the future.

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