Top 4 Dog Products You Need

I am an avid dog lover and in that group where it is physically difficult for me to not touch a dog when I see one. As an adult I have adopted 3 dogs. Like so many other adopted animals, mine did not have the best start in life so as their mom I want to make sure they are well taken care of and spoiled. That being said here is my list of the top products I love for my dogs.

  1. Automatic Pet Feeders- $70-$130
    • With 3 animals sometimes a girl needs help keeping everything together. Having these machines makes one less thing to worry about. The first brand I have is the Petnet Smart Feeder. I have the 1st and 2nd generations of this feeder. One thing to note is the 2nd generation requires smaller food pieces otherwise your pet will not get the full amount of food. The other feeder brand I have is the Petsafe Smart Feeder. All 3 feed my animals exactly what they need and at the correct times. The Petnet downside is that you have to sign each feeder up with a different email whereas the Petsafe you can have multiple feeders on one account.
  2. Bark Box- Super Chewer– $45+
    • I don’t know about your dogs, but mine are destructive. Not to the point where they chew on my furniture, but the toys that enter our house don’t last longer than 10 mins. I have seen so many ads for the original bark box and I’ve always thought it was such a cute idea however the toys are plush that don’t have a long life span around here. Around November I got sent an email that advertised the Super Chewer. I did some research and said let’s give it a shot. When I got the box it was everything I could’ve wished for. They toys are made with natural rubber, some have a special scent, the treats are all natural and my dogs go crazy for them. I also love that they include puzzle toys. When the hounds are rambunctious these puzzles keep me sane. Especially when we go for walks.
  3. The Walkie– $30
    • True life the first walk of the Spring season is always the worst. Everyone is excited they get to leave the house and overactive. My smallest dog is 60 lbs and one slip up will get you drug through the grass. I speak from experience. When shopping for things for my animals I obviously don’t want things that are going to hurt them. Cue in the walkie. This simple leash wraps around the chest area and applies a gentle pressure causing them to naturally not pull. Not only does this save my arms and knees but it also makes walks more enjoyable for everyone involved. Long story short we don’t go anywhere without the walkie.
  4. Paw- PupRug Bed Runner – $200
    • I came across this through an ad on Instagram. I had been looking for a new dog bed so when this came up I took the bait. I will preface saying these beds are not cheap, but they are good quality. I ordered the runner to put at the end of our bed. My dogs would much rather sleep on my bed but they have accepted this comfy one. Not only has it become an awesome dog bed it’s also made my room look more inviting.

These 4 products are really worth the money. They have made my house look better, dogs entertained, and my life easier. I highly recommend you check them out!

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