Bath & Body Works Haul

Spring is my second favorite season of the year. I love watching everything come to life and the weather become warm. Even though the real first day of Spring is a ways away, I start celebrating March 1st. I leave the windows open, we start going for walks again, and I can pull out some of my favorite clothing pieces! Here in the Midwest we are still having snowy days, SO one way I love to get the Spring vibes going is to change up my candles. My favorite place for all my candles is def Bath & Body Works. Here are the candles I selected to start my Spring collection.

Typically I like to go with very fresh and earthy scents during this time of year. When walking around the store I saw they rolled out a new Palo Santo scent. Honestly this probably is not a scent for everyone, but if you normally enjoy the scent you will LOVE this candle!! It smells so fresh and leaves the house feeling super chill. I also noticed the new Strawberry Pound Cake. Normally I don’t go for super sweet scents but the scent was to die for. Knowing how quickly the good scents go grabbed mine now to save for when we start to really warm up. Not pictured is the white tea & sage. Honestly it smelled like I was at the spa and who doesn’t like that feeling?

To add to my purchase they also had adorable wallflowers that are so perfect for not only this time of year but really all year long. I picked up just two as fun accents around the house with very clean and chill scents. I hate having an overpowering smell in my plug ins and then when I decide to light my candles it’s just too much for me to have all that at once.

This is just the first round for me. When I was browsing online they have already started rolling out the most adorable Easter candles that I cannot wait to get my hands on!

Do you have a favorite candle scent?

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