Disney Planning Series- Park Planning

If you are someone who loves to go by the seat of your pants, this post is not necessarily for you. However if you are going to Disney I don’t recommend not planning and hoping to walk in and do whatever you would like. It’s not going to go so well for you or your party. As stated in my last posts I love to plan and I love to make sure we have the best experiences possible. I am constantly reading, watching and listening to so many things Disney on top of going to the actual parks I like to think I have a pretty good sense of where to be and who to see.

When you book your vacation you will be able to see your entire reservation in your Disney account. This will include your hotel and dates you’re staying at as well as all the people in your party. Your Disney account is going to be your best friend all the way up until your vacation is over. Here is where you can book dining reservations, FastPasses and any extra magical experiences. So first you need to download the app and let’s break it down shall we?

D i n i n g

In my opinion your dining reservations are arguably the most important thing to have lined up. Disney is known for their amazing food selection and experiences, right down to those beautiful insta famous snacks. For me and my family; and most families; what and where we eat are import to a big trip. As an individual I am more of a snacker with one big meal a day. When I am on vacation I hold that to be pretty true, but I’m also on vacation and I’m not going to necessarily going to say no to a good meal either. My typical day in Disney starts with Starbucks. My children will either grab a quick item from them or we will stop at a quick service restaurant. Instead of lunch we will usually pick up tons of snacks throughout the day. I’m talking popcorn, pretzels, ice cream etc. It’s Disney I’m there for a good time and not completely worried about nutrition. Live a little. Then for dinner we normally will go to a sit down place.

Back to reservations. Here are the places you will for sure want to make sure you have a reservation for they also happen to be a favorite. Hint: if it’s a character dining you better have a reservation.

  • Be Our Guest- Even with a reservation you will still need to wait in lines. I don’t recommend planning anything too important around this reservation.
  • California Grill- Check out the brunch. It’s incredible!
  • Chef Mickeys- Super fun for little ones. And it gives you a chance to get the big autographs without standing in line.
  • Cinderellas Royal Table
  • The Crystal Palace- Honestly the food isn’t the best but it is a great character experience for your little ones.
  • Oga’s Cantina- I have not yet been here but getting reservation was not easy!
  • Tepan Edo
  • 50’s Prime Time Cafe-Hands down one of my favorite places to go

There are really so many options these are just ones I have experienced and know you need reservations for.

Going back to your Disney App. You can make reservations at any restaurant at any time pending availability, you just might not get the ones you want. I also like the app because at some of the quick service places you can order with the app and have it ready to go. Hello time saver!

F A s t P a s s e s +

Chef Mickey Waffles 🖤

I’m sure most of you have heard of the famed Fast passes and more than likely used one. Here’s the breakdown of how they work. When you buy tickets you are able to select 3 Fast passes for the park you are attending. I don’t suggest doing them in different parks unless the times are super far apart. Traveling between parks takes a lot of time. When you hit 30 days out from your vacation you can set your passes up, 60 if you are staying at a Disney Resort. As great as these passes are you can’t just select the popular rides. You can select one popular and 2 other moderate rides. Meaning at the Magic Kingdom you can select Splash Mountain as your popular with Pirates and Haunted Mansion as your moderate. That might sound like a bummer but don’t worry! Once you use the original 3 passes you can use the app to select more. Waiting is inevitable at Disney but these make it less painful. Not only that but if you are using the app you can see wait times for each ride, again making the most out of your trip.

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