Disney Planning Series- Park Planning

Dining and Fast passes are going to be the two big ones you need to think about when planning. When planning my trip I also like to look at their calendars for when the parks are open. Like most I try to take advantage of extra magic hours. If you are up early you really do get a head start to the park and the wait times are a breeze. One thing I look for and make sure we do is when the Magic Kingdom is open till 1 am. It is honestly the most magical thing ever. If you have the opportunity do it.

If you are looking for a little more out of your vacation you can also add on extra magic experiences. Click HERE to view a list of options. My family has done the VIP tour and it was really cool. Our guide was super knowledgable about the parks and had fun facts. And getting to see behind the scenes TO A DEGREE was pretty awesome as well. During your time with your guide you also get unlimited Fast Passes to all the rides. If it is your first trip to Disney I would say to experience the parks without the extras first. Learn what you like what you don’t and then add the extras. We got the most out of our VIP tour because we know what we like to do and we had the best day because of it.

In short when planning how your days at Disney are going to go figure out

  • Which parks you’re going to on what day
  • Your Fast Pass Rides
  • Where you’re going to eat

By keeping it simple it lets you explore but still have structure and it will feel like a vacation not like you are running constantly. Happy Mousing!

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