10 Minute Makeup Routine-

I love makeup.  I love using it to enhance certain features, to feel extra beautiful, and to be honest I like feeling extra.  As much as I enjoy makeup I don’t like to cake it on everyday.  Since becoming a mom I find I don’t have the time to really go step by step the way I used too.  When my son was little I had awhile where I went makeup free.  I was really struggling with PPD and the thought of doing anything more than brushing my hair and teeth was out of the question.  Coming out on the other side I become more confident as a mom and saw myself going back to what I felt was normal.  So I came up with a simple routine that made me feel good but could withstand my new life.

Step One:  Wash & Hydrate

Currently I have been using with Purity facial wash and Belief moisturizer.  These are both great because they are super light and fresh scented.  The facial wash does not leave my skin feeling tight and the moisturizer doesn’t make me oily. The combo also gives my skin a really healthy glow.  Which is obviously what we want when going for any look, but especially for a simple look.  After I wash and moisturize I will brush my teeth and let my skin absorb the moisturizer.


Step Two:  Foundation

Like many others I am a die hard liquid foundation lover.  That has changed 100% because of the Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Skin Powder Foundation.  I tested it on a whim.  Sephora recommended it and I took the bait.  Let me tell you this;  For as long as I have used liquid foundation this is seriously THE BEST powder foundation I have ever used.  This product is super light and makes you feel like you are bare faced but gives you the full coverage of a liquid.   AND did I mention it lasts 12 hours?!?  Normally when I wear a liquid foundation I like to use a primer but with this powder I don’t feel like I need it.


Step Three:  Bronzer

My must have! Currently I am using Too Faced Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer.  I apply to my forehead, cheekbones, and the tip of my nose to get that cute sun kissed glow.  I will also apply my bronzer to my eyelids as a shadow.


Step Four:  Mascara

For a lighter look I recommend going with a dark brown/brown color.  I normally just use black.  My favorite Mascara is Maybeline Great Lash.  It’s affordable and works great every time.


Step Five:  Blush

I love blush.  Seriously love it.  I think when added to bronzer it gives you a really nice glow to your skin.  Currently I am using Bobbi Brown’s Dessert Rose Blush -The color on the left!-


Step Six:  Gloss/Chapstick & Setting Spray

I really feel like I can take on the world with a good gloss.  I also can’t send the feeling of dry lips so this will be a thing for me no matter if it’s a full face or zero makeup. Finally to keep everything in place I apply setting spray.  Currently I am using the Urban Decay All Nighter Long setting spray.

Optionals:  Highlighter Lashes and Eye liner

 When I want to keep things looking natural I will skip this step.  But on the days when If need some sass I’ll pop these on.


This look is incredible effortless look that takes no time at all.  Perfect for a day of travel or running errands around the town.  Either way it’s going to be a win for you!


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