Battle of the Cleansing Balms

Have you heard of cleansing balms before? I had heard about them but honestly never really looked into them. I love my makeup wipes and I struggled to want to remove my makeup with a balm. I swear no sooner than I thought this I got my first taste of one in my Sephora PLAY! boxes. The first cleanser I got was the Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup- Melting Butter.

So what are cleansing balms? I’m glad you asked! Basically they are a makeup remover that has a consistency of a chapstick if I am being honest. My first thought when grabbing some out of the container was whoa this is going to make up face greasy. I can feel it. For the sake of testing I cleared my mind of the negative thoughts and proceeded to use. To make the most out of the test I did have on a full face of make up. I started to work the product into my face, and those feelings of grease face quickly came back. I kept going and I noticed that my make up was in fact coming off. I worked it up my face thinking

Yea ok its going to take off all my eye makeup

Well low and behold eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow came sliding off. Once I felt I removed everything I rinsed with warm water. My skin was so soft you honestly couldn’t tell I was rubbing this butter all over. When I patted dry my face was still soft no sticky feeling and it really felt clean. After I dried my face I took a makeup wipe to see what was left over. I was pleasantly surprised that my face was clean. I did have some makeup still on my face but sometimes the same goes for wipes.

Recently I got a sample of the Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. In short it does the same thing as the Drunk Elephant brand. Same consistency, smell, and feeling. SO what are the differences and which one should you go with?

Drunk Elephant- Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser

  • Cruelty free, Vegan, and part of Sephora Clean
  • $34 for 3.88 oz + .1 Bamboo Booster (exfoliator)
  • Good for normal, oily, dry, and combination skin- Best for Dry skin concerns
  • Allure Beauty Winner of 2019

Clinique-Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

  • Vegan Ingredients
  • $30 for 3.8 oz
  • Good for normal, oily, dry, and combination skin- Best for Dry skin concerns

In my opinion the clear winner is the Drunk Elephant Butter. You get a little more bang for your buck. I also really like that it has the Sephora Clean title. It makes me feel really good about not having to worry or think about what I am putting on my face.

When it comes down to it I will probably never leave makeup wipes unless I am forced to. I would say this is a nice thing to have in your drawer. I am a big believer that if you change things up occasionally it keeps your skin looking good and you’ll have less breakouts. I am not a doctor this is my opinion that I have found to work for mild breakouts.

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