Goodbye Sephora PLAY! Hello…..

I hope everyone is doing ok during this unfortunate time. For me personally the cabin fever has set in the weather has gone back to cold for the time being so we’re REAALLLYY stuck inside now. Fortunately my self care routine has kept me somewhat sane. Unfortunately I have received an email from PLAY! letting me know Sephora has decided to discontinue the subscription as a whole. They did mention they were working on something new which I very well could check it out in the future, but with everything going on I feel like it’ll be awhile before anything is revealed. That being said I have become very reliant on the boxes. Honestly people I love getting to try new things constantly. I haven’t purchased a moisturizer since I have started the boxes. Luckily in today’s day and age we have so many companies with their own stuff. So the search began.

While looking the first three boxes that came up for me were

Ipsy-You get 5 deluxe samples for $12. If you enjoy the original you can upgrade to the next levels.

Allure Beauty Box- You get 8 products that includes 3 full sized products mixed with samples for $15.

Boxycharm- You get 5 full sized products for $25 free shipping included.

Out of all of them Ipsy was the best choice. It follows along with what I had with PLAY! and I can upgrade if I really fall in love with the line. To sign up you take a short quiz about the type of beauty you tend to gravitate to, beauty worries, and hair & eye color, you know everything you do when picking out your makeup? One thing that caught my eye was the make up that is in these bags are different than the usual more popular brands in a lot of other bags. I should be receiving one more PLAY! box and in May Ipsy will take over. Check back to see what came in my bag!

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