Zala Hair Extension Review

During quarantine I, like many have found many new things to do. I’ve had a pretty big range, everything from house renovation to banana bread. On the beauty side I really just let the au natural come out. I’m talking you were lucky to get bronzer on me, which is rare. However as things have started opening back up; for however long that may be with our current state; I have started to refocus and take that little bit of time for myself again. While refinding myself I skipped the cutting bangs or doing those awful at home hair colors and decided that I was really going to add variety and go for the long hair/short hair & darker/brighter color looks whenever. I came across Zala on Instagram. Thanks to the ad gods for listening to my conversations about getting them, I had to do very little work in finding them.

The Website/Ordering

Ok so this website was super easy to navigate your eyes need to be closed to not find things. What first caught my eye was all the options. You can find whatever color; Minus crazy intense ones like green; lengths, and styles you want. Again you really have to not try. If you scroll down you’ll see they have their extension types, how to videos, and a bunch of people that use them that in my opinion give very honest opinions. I knew I wanted clip ins and I have a lot of hair so I like to be able to place everything where I want it. If you’re not sure what your color match is they will help you and the best part is if its not a match they will let you exchange your hair for hair that works. I selected the 9 piece 20″ Honey Blonde Clip in extensions. It was easy to select and even better I was able to use Apple Pay to checkout.

The Hair

After I placed my order I got my confirmation email and literally about a day later I got my shipping email. It took about a week to get my hair in total. When I got the package it came well protected, I didn’t get those oh boy I made a bad purchase vibes. Removing it from the mailer it came in a very sleek black box with a window to see the hair. The color was beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. Because I could wait till my hair appointment I pulled them out and they felt really good. Nice and heavy the wefts are well constructed I definitely do not have to worry about one coming out and sagging. (This has happened to me IRL) On the inside of the box they give you directions for putting in your hair, how to take care of it etc. Zala also sent a cute set of reviving spray, shampoo and conditioner, all of which are sold on their website.

These extensions do say they are ready to wear meaning you don’t need to worry about having to cut them into your hair so they blend. This is 100% true they are completely ready to wear directly out of the box. If you are in a rush it’s really nice to have this option. I can only imagine the amount of people that rush order and find their hair looks awful. When I placed them in my hair the color matched for exactly what I wanted it gave the perfect low maintenance blonde. I also love how all 9 pieces covered my hair without leaving gaps. I have always struggled with this one because of the thickness of my hair. I never have enough hair, or I’m going to go broke buying what I need.

When it comes to styling these extensions DO tolerate heat!! Naturally my hair gets curled so blending is pretty flawless when I combine the real and natural. But I can get away with straightening as well! I’d also like to note I wore them for family pictures where we stood outside in ungodly humidity for 2 hours and they stayed in tact the entire time. I had to brush them out in between outfit changes, but again they looked great!

Final Take

If you are in the market for clip in’s I recommend the Zala Brand. They are affordable and the hair looks great too. The color match is on point, I mean really you have nothing to lose with this brand. Test it out you won’t be sorry and obviously you’ll have to let me know what you think! 😉


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