Let’s Go Glamping- What to Pack

We are counting down the days before we head out for a small getaway. I don’t know about all of you, but I literally take the kitchen sink with me when I go. I’m not just talking stuff for me either ok? You literally need to pack the whole house. That is unless you are really roughing it..in that case I salute you.

Usually I keep a running list on my phone of all the extra things I need to bring, so when it’s time to load the car I just have to grab, place, and go. In case you missed my last post, My family and I are headed out to glamp at the lake. My in-laws are bringing their boat and everything that comes with it so there’s no need to worry about that for myself.

Below is a very basic list of what I am bringing as of right now. When I look at it in list form it really doesn’t look like that much. But really when it all get stuffed in the car we reconsider getting a bigger vehicle.

The two categories I worry about the most when glamping are kitchen and outdoors stuff. Obviously because those are the places we are the most and I want the trip to be the best it can be.

When it comes to the kitchen I always bring….

  • Cast Iron Skillet- I feel very outdoorsy when I pull this puppy out
  • Yetis- It’s consistently been 100 degrees here. These are so perfect for keeping your drinks cool while you play, or in my case chase the kids around.
  • Coolers- Not only do we travel with food and drinks, but I also use these almost the entire trip. I keep one as a misc holding and one is a giant cooler for kids. I dont have to worry about them becoming dehydrated they know where to go and can help themselves. We just have to watch and make sure they finish their drinks before grabbing a new one.
  • S’mores sticks- It’s not camping if there are no s’mores.
  • Paper plates, napkins, and cutlery- Hobby Lobby and Target have the cutest options for these. When I am on vacation I don’t want to do more clean up than necessary. In camping you don’t really have an option you are literally always cleaning. When we are with big groups I prefer the easy clean up route.

Those are just my main kitchen items for outside I like to bring…

  • Lawn/tanning chairs– These zero gravity chairs are my absolute favorite and worth the price. Mine are all black and come with trays that sit on the side that can hold 2 drinks my phone and a book. Honestly highly recommend if you are outside a ton.
  • Sunscreen is a no brainer I am the sunscreen freak. When I do buy I look for reef safe. Even though we aren’t in the ocean I’m sure its not bad for the lake.
  • Bug spray/ mosquito candles- At night we really enjoying fire pit time. Unfortunately everyone in my family gets eaten alive by bugs. SO on top of the fire we always take extra precautions.
  • Solo Stove Smokeless Fire Pit- If you love fire but hate the smoke I highly recommend. This pit gets so hot it doesn’t give off smoke and really just makes the experience that more enjoyable. I don’t think we are actually going to have room on this trip for it, but normally it’s something we would bring.

My actual list doesn’t look as pretty as the one above I use the reminders app in my phone. When bringing this much along on the trip with you I really recommend bringing a list not only will it reduce frantic “I FORGOT ” but when packing up you are less likely to leave something behind.

I will more than likely end up with more than what’s shown above but this is a pretty solid list of what gets packed up with us.

If you are an avid camper/ glamper, what are your must haves for your trip?

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