Top 5 Summer 2020 Hairstyles You Need in Your Life

Keeping my hair up is always the go to style for me in the Summer. I have super thick unforgiving hair so if I know I will be in outside it’s more than likely up. With the lack of places to go lately I feel like I have been wearing nothing but pony tails until recently. I’ve been making an effort to feel normal again. These will for sure spice up your everyday hair.

Products used: Small rubber band, bobby pins, pony tail, amika texture spay to tousle the pony, Bed Head-Full of It hairspray

A quick braid to the side will add a fun touch to a standard pony. I love to add texture spray to the pony side of my hair to really get that messy look.

Headband from @Target + 2 bobby pins

Adding a simple headband really makes it look like you put in some thought to your look, when really this was done on a whim. It can be worn with your hair however. I like to add a bobby pin to each side by my ears to keep the band from rolling back.

Pony tail and bobby pins

Messy buns are always the rage. It’s the best for hanging out by the pool. I like to add bobby pins to create the perfect bun look, really though you can do whatever you want. That’s the beauty of the messy bun.

Zala 20″ Honey Blonde Clip In Extensions

For a date night or day out I recommend adding extensions to add a flirty vibe to your hair. I recently reviewed these Zala extensions & after almost a month I can honestly say I love mine they match my hair perfectly. I LOVE being able to transform my hair and when I curl them I honestly feel like the Boho Barbie I have always wanted to be.

Pony tail + amika Texture Spray

Last but not least an all time personal fav is the half up half down. I pull my framing pieces out, curl my hair, add some texture and you get such an easy fun hairstyle that will work for almost any of your plans.

If you have tried any of these let me know! I’d love to hear what you think, or styles you’re obsessed with!

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