Haulin’ It- Amazon Shopping

Shopping is one of my favorite past times. Unfortunately quarantine has not slowed my problem down and I am an avid Prime shopper. My purchases on Amazon range all over the board. Here is what I most recently got in my last shopping “trip”.

Shelves– $28

While in quarantine my husband and I have been taking the time to redo our home. We have completed the majority of the big stuff; wait till I get to show you our new floors 😻; We have been slowly replacing the old pieces. These shelves were a lightning deal with mostly good reviews so I went for it. You get 3 shelves that are all different sizes. These are not huge lets put a ton of stuff on them shelves, but they are sturdy, look good and have made a great addition to the house. Installation was easy they come with everything you need. In my opinion these shelves are a great bang for your buck.

Sheets- $41

While looking at literally thousands of home inspo pictures I decided it was time for new sheets. I love very minimalistic, masculine, and natural earthy colors. I have become obsessed with clay colored sheets. I saw Target has rolled out with the most beautiful color but they weren’t in my bed size so I opted to shop around. I found these sheets on Amazon and maybe it’s just me but I swear it looks like a pretty clay color on the screen however upon getting it….thats not the case. In real life the color is grandma mauve pink. I don’t have an actual picture of this because I honestly didn’t even take it out of the box. This was an immediate return for me. They a ton of other colors however I am looking for a specific thing so this was a no for me.

Phone Case-$35

Back in December I got my hands on the new iPhone 11. All my other cases I gave to my daughters and I got one of the battery charging cases Apple makes. I LOVE my battery case, but sometimes I like to spice it up. This is a fun add to my collection and it does say that it is drop test certified which with an Apple phone is worth it.

Hydration Water Packets- $24

I am literally the worst at drinking water. I’m not the most proud of this, but my main drink sources are coffee, Diet Coke, and as of recently hard seltzers. One packet in your water is equivalent to drinking 3 water bottles. I tested these bad boys out and turns out they are legit! In order to stay somewhat sane I make everyone in my house go outside for a min of one hour, myself included. I’ll play in the above ground pool for a little bit and then while I dry I like to read a chapter of whatever book I am reading. I sat out in the 100 degree humid heat for about an hour. Normally I would swell to the point I’ve had to consider butter to remove my rings. While drinking this I did NOT have that problem I actually felt really good. These packets come in 3 different flavors, Lemon Lime, AÇaÍ Berry, and Passionfruit which is what I got. If you struggle to drink water I highly recommend.

O Ring Fashion Belt-$14

These style of belts have been popular for awhile now. I’m finally hoping on board to use this for the end of Summer, beginning of Fall. This is a very simple belt that will pair with anything and I didn’t have to pay an outrageous price for it.

Square Cat Eye Sunglasses-$14

These are definitely the IT sunglasses of the Summer. The shape is so cute and flirty even a little edgy. Such a fun accessory to add to my collection.

One Piece Black Tie Dye Loungewear-$30

With being at home all the time I’ve definitely increased my pajama and loungewear wardrobe. I ordered this as apart of a lightning deal and I )Feeling. First thought pulling them out of the bag I swear I thought it was dry fit material and I was slightly disappointed. I hung it up to try on later and when I came back the material I swear changed. It became butter soft. When I tried it on I was a little nervous my hips wouldn’t fit. Luckily it slipped right on. The fit is very true to size and overall a comfy piece.

Two Pieced Ruched Swimsuit-$29

When I had my son like most, my body changed big time. Last year I purchased two suits from Shein that I really liked. They still work this year but I have been really working on starting getting back into shape. I’ve started to get results and decided that I needed something that was flattering and gave a little confidence boost. I wore this to the lake recently and it was very flattering and overall stayed in place nicely even through tubing. And they do have many more options!

3 Piece Purse Set-$40

I love a good purse. I go through them like crazy. I swap them out weekly and sometimes by outfit. I keep my bags pretty neutral so I don’t have to worry about looking like I’m a little off. I got 3 separate bags all of which are must have and can use everywhere. I got the shade brown however they do have a nice selection of other colors.

Messenger Bag- Very roomy if you are traveling this would be a great carry on I can fit my computer tablet etc.

Shoulder Bag- The perfect size for a day out and about. The strap is easily adjustable there’s not a ton of space inside, but it does give you the basic pockets needed. Def a keeper.

Wallet/Clutch- I will more than likely use this with the messenger bag so my wallet matches. The clutch does not fit in the shoulder bag. I also like the option to add a wristlet to carry out to dinner or a special event.

Overall the quality is great for what you get and what you pay. They all were made to be sturdy and look amazing!

Color Blocked Pullover Sweater-$30

I don’t know how your calendars work but in my house once July is over we are in Fall mode. I saw this sweater and immediately added it to my cart. It’s the perfect winter sweater not too heavy and the colors will go great with all my Fall looks.

Do you have any recommendations that you love from Amazon?

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