Super Chewer July ’20 Subscription Box

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this, but I have 3 dogs now all over 60 lbs and they are some of the best lap dogs out there. I have always struggled to buy toys for them purely because the ones at the store only last 5 mins. We have a ton of Kongs but they are only interested in them when treats are involved.

Awhile back I posted about my must have dog products. On the list I had a subscription box called the Super Chewer. Click below to get more info on the initial box.

Every month they have a theme. This month’s box is themed World Chomps when I opened the box it gave off major Summer Olympics vibes.

Included was 3 toys, 2 snack bags & treat sticks. The treats are all natural and overall good for your dogs in moderation. Because I am not planning on taste testing any of them I will just say my dogs love them and when I open up a fresh bag they always smell nice. As for toys we got..

  • Take A Lap- Very much resembles a Kong toy. These boxes do a great job of including puzzle toys it slows down the process of destruction and keeps my dogs entertained for a good 10-15 minutes. This toy is still intact which means it’s a keeper for me!
  • Archway Target- This toy was a big negative for me it lasted 20 mins and it was completely chewed up leaving annoying plastic toys everywhere. I dont know if it was the style in which it was made or that it was more made for normal chewing dogs, but I can honestly say this was a no. A HUGE NO for me.
  • Make A Racket- I was nervous because this toy was made of the same material that the Target toy was. However I am happy to report it’s still in tact. The only downside of these nylon/plastic type toys are that if you have hard floors when the toy drops you will hear it echo and it’s obnoxious.

This Month’s Add On’s

Every month if you are quick enough you are able to add some fun extras to your box. Whether that be extra toys, a double box, or special treats. For this month I ordered dog ice cream, and OH MY it’s so precious.

All you have to do is add water to the mix and freeze for 8 hours. The ingredients are simple and it’s a nice change of pace as opposed to the usual broth pops I usually make for them on these stupid hot days. I put a little in each dog bowls and they are in hog heaven.

Overall I would give this box an 8/10. The treats are always the best and the ice cream adds a nice touch, but the toys could have been better. I can’t wait to see what we get for next month and I know my dogs feel the same way!

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