Courtney Shields- Glow Hour Stick Review

Hello! Today let’s talk about the new Tula collaboration with Courtney Shields. I typically really enjoy Tula’s products. They are clean reliable and not over the top pricey. I also happen to like Courtney so when I saw she had a collab coming out obviously it was a no brainer to place an order. So what makes this product so great?

To start Glow hour is designed to treat dark under eye circles immediately and eventually you will see them go away. Just that line had me in. I am an extremely light sleeper and now that I have my son it’s gotten worse. Over the last year & half I have developed some circles OK! Another positive is the fact that it will help protect against blue light. As someone who sits in front of a computer and phone all day this product hit another check on the list. Those were my main two reasons to buy this product and have it not just be for the person selling it. I was also interested in the fact that it has a subtle cooling glow, and has a ton of nutrient ingredients. Having it be a clean beauty product made it even better and I added to my cart without thinking twice.

So here’s the deal with this new eye stick. It is made with…

  • Grapefruit and algae to brighten.
  • Lingonberry to protect against blue light damage.
  • Aloe water, watermelon, & apple to hydrate and diminish wrinkles.
  • Probiotics to lock in moisture.

Any skin tone can use and it will give you the look of everyones favorite filter/time of the day, aka Golden hour.

You get one tube for $32. Considering everything that it does I personally felt the price was worth it, especially if it works. I would also like to add I got free shipping when I ordered as well since I ordered as an early release. Shipping was fast. I ordered on Monday and I got it on the following Monday. Being that there are some packages I’ve had take a good 2 months to get I was impressed.


I loved the way the packaging on this. It was simple with just enough flair. The orange tube is also super cute I love the color!


OK so, based off the info that was given about the product I thought for sure it would smell somewhat fruity and it does not smell like anything. For me that’s not a deal breaker and because it’s meant to be used on the eyes I’m actually kinda glad there is no crazy smell.

When I opened the tube the product color matched the outside packaging, again it is SO pretty! Before putting it on as directed I did a swatch on my hand and you guys’ listen when I tell you the camera doesn’t do it justice. The texture is straight up butter. It glides on with ease and the pigment is just gorgeous.

After seeing the payoff on my hand I went straight for the my bare face. I was worried it was going to just be an over glorified highlighter where my under eyes would be shiny, I can assure you that’s not the case. This color is straight up gold it actually brightens the under eyes with out an over the top shine. I would also like to note it has cooling properties to it as well. When I think of cooling I think of minty ice and figured my eyes would have a constant cooling sensation under them, which could get annoying after awhile. Again not the case. I honestly cannot explain it, it just works. I noticed I was checking myself out A LOT more than usual.

Not only does this look great alone, but it also looks good under/with makeup. When I apply it under I just slide it on and continue with my routine. To put it on after I just use my finger and lightly tap in the product under my eyes. One fun thing Courtney does is apply it to her lips. It gives off a really pretty glow.

With makeup

The entire product is better than I was expecting. Honestly it was worth every penny. I have actually started carrying this around in my purse for touch ups throughout the day. It is soft on sensitive skin, the color is beautiful, I really can’t find much I don’t like about this product. Very well done to Courtney & the Tula team for making an excellent product.

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