Summer Morning Routine in Quarantine

Hello hello! Can you believe we are halfway through July already?! I am sitting here trying to wrap my brain around it and man oh man I’m struggling to do so. Overall I’d say our Summer is relatively normal minus getting to travel but hey it’s opened up a whole new perspective on life that I don’t hate. Instead of focusing on the negatives of what I am missing out on I have taken this time to focus on making me better in mind body and soul.

6 A M

Wake up– I do not like waking up. I do like being up in the morning. Juicy contradiction huh?

I get up at 6 to start waking up for the day. This gives me time to be able to become somewhat of a real human being before having to deal with the world. I am 100% one that immediately looks at my phone. A habit Im working on breaking but until I’m fully ready I give myself 15 mins to lay in bed and catch up.

6 1 5 A M

Meditate– Once I’m starting to feel human again, I like to meditate. Relaxing my mind & body, going over what I plan on accomplishing for the day, throw in some affirmations all for a lucky 13 minutes.

6 3 0 A M

I know what you’re thinking 615 to 630 is 15 minutes, not 13 well were talking rough numbers here. I also have to include time to get out of bed and get comfy first. Workout– I have started working on getting back to a healthy body. I’m not talking any cross fit here. No that’s not for me. Recently I have really been enjoying going for a morning swim. The cool water feels amazing on my skin and everything is peaceful. My other favorites include pilates, power walks- both inside and outside- & barre/ dance workouts. I have come to prefer morning workouts mostly because no one is awake to bother me and I’m less likely to forget later.

7 A M

Quick Shower/Getting ready for the day– On a normal day I give myself about 30 mins to get ready. Considering my daily outings have decreased that’s not a difficult thing to do. While getting ready I will also go grab a glass of water with fiber, because ya know when you get older life changes.

7 3 0 A M

This is truly my main part of the day. At 730, my dog feeders go off so I go to make sure everyone is eating the correct bowls. I’ll turn my coffee maker on and get that started, and then last but not least my sons alarm goes off. I have trained him we wake up change our diaper and get in fresh clothes for the day. After everyone has been taken care of I enjoy my first sips of coffee while starting on my work for the day.

Have you ever tried meditating? I highly recommend to start your day!

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