Top 5 Places I Currently Want to Travel

Lately I have been longingly looking at travel sites pretend planning on our future family trips. If I’m being honest my imagination is starting to get out of hand and out of my budget. While I look at a ton of different places I find myself going back to the same trips over and over. Here is my top 5 places I currently have on my travel list.

# 1: Kansas City

Kansas City is a breezy drive that we have made often. Over the last 6 years I have spent my fair share of time in KC and I love every minute of it. Predominately we would go for football but as I grew my family we started looking for somewhat more tame ideas. While Chiefs games are still apart of family trips, we also love to do some shopping at the Plaza shops and of course eat at some pretty amazing restaurants. One of my favorite quick weekend getaways!

# 2: Salem, Massachusetts

This has been on my bucket list for the longest time and I have yet to cross it off. I am a huge fan of Fall and History both of which are celebrated year round. I want to take in all the sights and history. I think this will be an after pandemic trip but hopefully next October I get to cross it off my list. I look forward to seeing amazing things and experiencing some magick 😉

# 3 Keystone, Colorado

Being from CO originally my family and I would go to Keystone every year. It was our favorite mini family vacation that was always super relaxed. Being farther away we try to go every other year. Our favorite thing to do is go to the annual Beer Fest. I honestly don’t even like craft beer that much, but the environment is just amazing and the views are fantastic.

# 4: Hawaii

This is the trip I get a little out of budget on. I have been to Hawaii one time and it was magical. I totally understand how people uproot their lives and move. The only way to describe it is WOW. Pre pandemic we were scheduled to go next year…however with the way things are going my hopes for that are quickly dwindling. **Insert dream overspending**

# 5: Las Vegas

Among others one of the trips we had planned for this year was our annual Vegas trip. This year we were going to go to celebrate our anniversary and have a little flash back to getting married there, but 2020 had other plans. I miss the excitement, the food, and most importantly the people watching.

Some of these on this list we plan on visiting (safely) soon but here’s to hoping 2021 turns out better for travel!

Do you have travel plans this year? Or did you have to cancel/reschedule?


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