Teen Holiday Gift Guide 2020

I may be in the small percentage of people, but I think teens are so incredibly easy to shop for. Most will tell you exactly what you want and if you are wanting to stay in budget gift cards are a winner all the way around. If gift cards aren’t your thing and you prefer to give an actual gift here are some ideas for the teen in your life.

First on my list are the skate shoes that have been SO popular on TikTok. If you have a TikTok loving teen these are a great option, but make sure you order ASAP to get them on time!!

This item is on the pricer side however if your teen is all about music and has an iPhone I recommend getting a pair of AirPods. Keep an eye out for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals I have a feeling these are going to be MAJOR sellers.

Going back to TikTok LED lights to go in their rooms are another amazing option to give as a gift that’s actually affordable.

I don’t think it’s a secret most teens spend a lot of time in their rooms, I like to say mine is in her hole. SO if they’re going to spend a ton of time in it might as well make it comfy. This husband pillow looks so comfy. It has memory foam, comes in multiple colors and is easy to clean.

Going back to music here is a super fun bluetooth shower speaker that will keep any major phone accidents from going down. This speaker comes in several colors and is easy to use.

Going back one last time to the electronics I went ahead and added Gaming systems. The switch has been my favorite game wise. It’s easy to get everyone together and play. It honestly brings me back to the Wii days.

These are my top ideas however some things worth being mentioned are :

  • Gifts Cards
    • Clothing companies- AE, Abercrombie, The Buckle, H&M, ASOS, Victoria’s Secret
    • Standard Visa cards- Let them choose where and how they spend their gifts
    • Target
    • Amazon
    • Walmart
    • Starbucks, Caribou, Local Coffee Shops
    • Local restaurants
  • Clothing- 90’s are huge right now! If you are unsure just ask, I can assure you they will tell you.
  • New Phone
  • Smart Tv
  • Apple TV, Roku, etc

Hopefully this list gets you a start on your holiday shopping, and the feeling of breathing easier when it comes to shopping for your teen. Do you have something you would add to the list?


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