Four Low Key Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving always sits well with me. Besides it being so close to my birthday you can stuff your face with amazing food, hang out with loved ones, football is everywhere and of course one of my personal favorites would be watching the Macys Thanksgiving parade; Even more so now that I have kids.

Thanksgiving is going to be looking a little different this year however I still like to make everything feel normal as I can. Not only for me but for my family as well. This year Thanksgiving isn’t going to be your typical full house with tons of laughter. We are having immediate family only and will for sure have the FaceTime rolling. That being said here are some outfit ideas for this years Thanksgiving holiday that I’m considering.

Option # 1

On the left I paired my favorite Lulu leggings with an adorable lightweight sweater. I added tan loafers and a jean jacket to keep things casual.

On the right I chose the same outfit but went with my favorite new slipper shoes. For traveling outside I would pair with my black puffy vest.

Option #2

A casual top with leggings and your favorite slippers is always a win for a chill time with your family.

Option #3

Getting a little fancy with a fun sweater with your favorite pair of jeans.

Dog optional

Option #4

Don’t forget a fun mani! I got mine from impress manicure. You can find in stores or online.

Normally I try to slightly dress up because it’s an occasion I fell like I have my life a little more together. However this year I feel like I will be going the comfy route for sure. Especially with the new guidelines they have released we are only having immediate family at our dinner so it will feel more like a giant special meal, and to be honest I don’t think I need to dress up for the people that see me all the time. But hey who knows I could surprise everyone and make a drastic change last minute.

How are you and your family celebrating the upcoming holiday?


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