Disney Planning Series-The New & Happening

We are getting closer to leaving town and heading out for our magical vacation! Today’s post is going to be about the new things I am looking forward to doing while on our trip. One thing that I love about Disney is that it’s always changing but still holds the nostalgia from the past. The last time I went was 2 years ago and it’s amazing all the new stuff that has changed. Starting off my list….

D i s n e y ‘ s R i v e r a R e s o r t

Ok so this resort opened in December of 2019 and it is GORGEOUS. The theme is European with hints of Fairy Tales. From pictures online it is very stylish and modern looking. There is a restaurant along with two quick service type places and a bar on site. There is also a pool and fitness center on site as well. The pool gives me serious little mermaid vibes. I’m not normally one to hang out at the pool while at Disney but I could see this being super family friendly. I am pretty sure I mentioned I am traveling with a big family group. We are all coming in at different times and so when booking it made sense to book a villa. Everyone is in the same room with enough space to move and we don’t have to worry about getting anything messed up or not being able to be together. I have been seriously creeping this hotel on everything and I cannot wait for it to be my home for the week.

D i s n e y S k y l i n e r

If you have been to Disney World you know traveling through the parks takes awhile. Always be sure you leave travel time in your plans. There are many different options to navigate your way through Disney the newest being the Skyliner. From my hotel it will take you to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. I’m sure it will be crowed just like the buses but it looks like a new fun way to get around and will keep the kids focused.

S T A R W A R S – G a l a x y ‘s E d g e

This is a no brainer. Like many of us out there I am a huge Star Wars nerd. My dad and I have watched it for as long as I can remember. I am really excited to be able to share that moment of first walking in with not only my dad but my children. As cheesy as it sounds it’s going to be a moment that I will never forget. Aside from that special family bond moment they have rolled out so many awesome things. The rides look pretty awesome here too again I am ready to nerd out. Here are all the things we plan on doing while we are there.

  1. Oga’s Cantina
  2. Savi’s Workshop- Build your own lightsaber
  3. Droid Depot- Build your own droid
  4. Sipping milk at the milk stand. They do serve alcohol here and I do plan on getting the Green milk cooler ft my favorite drink- Tequila

P a r k M u s t D o’ s

To round out this list let’s finish off with the things that are smaller on the list. The last time we went they were working on Pandora in Animal Kingdom. Honestly I didn’t love the movies but I’ve heard really good things about the experience you get. And then last year they opened up Toy Story land. They have some super cute photo ops and rides that we are looking forward to doing. Most importantly I am really looking forward to trying all the new snacks they have rolled out. There is an alcoholic Dole Whip that is calling my name out there.

Do you have a Disney trip coming up? What are you most looking forward to?

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