Ipsy February Glam Bag Review

Does anyone else feel like this year is blowing by? How are we already in March?!?! Maybe it’s just me but I am actually somewhat excited it’s going as fast as it is because we will be out of lockdown that much faster?? One can dream am I right?

Today I decided I am going to share review from my February Ipsy bag. I honestly loved pretty much everything in this bag, they have done a really good job of pairing me with things I actually use and makes me feel gorgeous.

F.A.R.A.H-Pressed Powder Brush 620F

I will be very honest I have not truly gotten to use this brush yet. Because my skin is so dry in the Winter I tend to stay away from powders (For obvious reasons) For a more honest review I will have to use it when we get closer to the later Spring/Summer seasons. However just testing it out it did apply powder evenly and smoothly.

Amorespacific-Treatment Enzyme Peel Daily Cleansing Powder

I actually chose this product for this specific bag, because there is nothing better than a good skincare product! It’s simple enough to use, pour out a dime sized amount, and mix with water and lather and it builds a nice creamy foam wash that smells amazing. This is a type of exfoliant but honestly it feels like a normal face wash. However after using my skin instantly looks brighter and smoother, and if I want extra cleaning power I use my electric face brush to really get all the grit off my face. 10/10 recommend

Love You First-Perfect Eye Shadow Duo

This is such a pretty color combo and honestly very on trend. To wear I apply the matte shade first. It is a very earthy tone that blends out beautifully. The metallic shade is a pretty pigmented copper color that really adds a wow factor when applied to the matte shade. This is a fantastic everyday and event shade. Dress it up, dress it down it works wonders. 10/10 recommend

Neogen Dermalogy- Probiotics Youth Repair Cream

This cream is designed to really moisturize the skin and give it a nice even tone, making your face look flawless and helping fight those early wrinkles. I have been super invested in a good facial cream because 30 is knocking on my door and I’m trying to be prepared for her. When using you want to be sure it’s the last part of your routine. I have been using this as my morning moisturizer in my current routine and on top of the cleaning powder, it does a really nice job giving my skin a healthy glow. My only downside is that the smell is slightly strong but it does fade quickly. 9/10 recommend

Shaina B Miami-Blush in Brickell

I’m a sucker for a good blush and this really does it for me. It has a very pretty reddish pink vibe that is perfect for the spring season. (Think new blooms here). The product is incredibly easy to blend and very buildable which gives you control of what your blush will look like. No clowns here! They advertise as a shade that will work on everyone which is also a huge plus come summer and my faux tan is in full swing and I have to switch up my blush. 10/10 recommend

If you are interested in signing up for a glam bag I highly recommend there have been very few bags that I do not like a product I received. Click here and you will take a short quiz matching you up to THE perfect products.

Here’s a sneak peak at next month’s glam bag. It’s perfect for Women’s history month if I say so myself.

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