Pink Lily Luxury Tan

New Self Tanner Review

Currently sitting outside while writing this post. It is a gorgeous 75 degrees and I am wearing one of my favorite casual sun dresses and sandals. I’m also pretending the forecast doesn’t predict snow this weekend. Upon putting on my dress this morning I realized how pale my legs actually were. Normally I am one of the best about putting on self tanner, but I have been really struggling to get into it lately. More than likely because I’m not going anywhere and well it’s been ridiculously cold here so far this Winter so I haven’t exactly had a lot of motivation to do so. Enter the Luxury Tan. One of my favorite clothing boutiques recently launched a self tanner and naturally I decided it was worth the order.


As do most tanners, this product comes in 3 shades.

All at the easy price of $34.99. Which honestly is pretty on parr with most of their competition. I decided to go with the “Dark” Shade.

Ordering is incredibly easy and fast. I have never run into an issue with this company, not even during Holiday season during a pandemic. I received my product in roughly a week. For me that’s awesome.

On their website they do have a decent selection of mitts (There’s a leopard one that is calling my name.) you can purchase that are super cheap however I have a million mitts and decided against ordering this time around. The next time I’m in the market for one I’ll check it out.

First Reaction

The light pink packaging is adorable and follows along with their brand amazingly. but will it pass the test?

This is a foam application tanner. I prefer my self tanners this way because it’s easier to apply and you get a better overall finished look. As you can see from the picture you pump product out onto your mitt and apply. When I got the first dose out I was pleasantly surprised by the scent. It has a light vacation smell to it. Coconuts are there but not an overwhelming fake scent. The color is rich and dark. One thing I noticed about this product is it does not have the green tint a lot of companies are going with to keep you from looking orange. As an orange victim of the past this made me slightly nervous, but I was impressed with everything else I decided I wasn’t that nervous.

Is It Worth It??

YES and here’s why.

This product went on effortlessly and smooth. You get immediate color without being orange or green. This honestly looks like a real tan. Another positive is that you don’t get that self tanner smell so many products leave behind so you could throw this on before leaving for an event and nobody would know you are “tanning”.

Overall I loved the color it deepened as time went on. I left it over night and rinsed the next morning leaving behind a beautiful I was in Mexico for the week tan.

My one negative, which isn’t all that bad but I feel like it should be mentioned is that you definitely want to wait until you do your rinse off before wearing lighter clothing. I wore white as apart of my test, and it was everywhere. Luckily Shout pulls out all stains.

Do you like using self tanners? If so what is your go to product?

Let me know in the comments!

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